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Pastor Anjum S. • Posted on 11/7/2016 • Sexual Issues

Please pray for my sexual problem.

josephin -. • Posted on 6/30/2016 • Sexual Issues

Father, please help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened. You see everything, i came with a broken heart. I need You, i can't cover this any longer, too hard to breathe, i'm desperate. Please forgive me, please forgive my sin and his sin too. Father, You knows how long i have waited, please don't leave me. i am still waiting for the miracle to come. Please help me, He swore over the name of the Father to cover up the truth, please God soften his heart. I can't touch his heart but Lord can be, Please touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I always try to strong, but to be honest i was hurt very deeply. Please help me God, I put the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please giving miracles for me.

Anonymous • Posted on 2/26/2016 • Sexual Issues

Please pray for my husband to have guidance and enlightenment and to end this ungodly behavior. He looks alot at pornography and innappropriate perversions on the internet and has not been having intimate relations with me.

Anonymous • Posted on 1/17/2016 • Sexual Issues

Please pray for Josie Martinez her family is encouraging her to be a lesbian.. Please pray that Josie has no sexual desire for woman, Please pray that Josie gets a strong desire to wear girl clothes, and be feminine like her mother Leanne.. Pray for this family, and pray that God takes the Satan's hand off this family and. break the lesbian generation curse!

Latorsha B. • Posted on 10/10/2015 • General

I would like to request prayer for my family. Just to be closer to God and for him to lead us into our purpose in life.

Anonymous • Posted on 8/25/2015 • Career

Seeking an increase in new business

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